How to fix graininess in natural balms

How to fix graininess in natural balms

Our 100% natural Face Balm has quickly become a bestseller with its deeply hydrating properties that simply can't compare with with water-based lotions and creams in the market. The balm is a testament to our philosophy—crafted with with the purest oil-based ingredients, devoid of chemicals, preservatives, or fillers.

If you're new to natural skincare, you might be surprised to discover that graininess is a perfectly normal characteristic of these pure products. And one that can be easily fixed! 

Why does graininess occur?

The graininess you might notice in our Face Balm after some time isn't a sign of a flawed product, but rather a natural occurrence due to temperature fluctuations. Our balm is made with natural oils and butters that have different melting points. When exposed to varying temperatures, these ingredients can solidify at different rates, causing a grainy texture.

Graininess is common in products that are free from synthetic stabilisers and emulsifiers. These chemicals often prevent separation and maintain consistency in commercial products, but they can detract from the natural benefits and purity of the ingredients. By choosing to exclude these additives, we ensure that our products remain as natural and healthful as possible, though it may require a little extra care to maintain its smooth texture.

How to resolve the graininess

If you notice some graininess, there’s a very simple solution that not only resolves the issue but is also quite easy to do. Here’s a quick guide:

Place the jar in a shallow heat  proof bowl.

Pour hot water into the bowl to create a water bath (keep the lid on if there is steam and make sure no water gets into the balm).

Let the balm reset at room temperature (or in the fridge if you’re in a hot climate).

Quality and integrity of ingredients

It’s important to note that the graininess does not affect the integrity or the efficacy of the ingredients. The natural properties of the oils and butters are preserved, ensuring that each application delivers the nourishing and moisturising benefits your skin needs. The process of melting and resetting the balm also does not diminish its benefits; it merely restores the smooth texture that makes application enjoyable.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to email us at any time and we'd love to hear from you in the comments below if you've given these steps a go! 

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