Is your baby’s skincare safe enough?

Is your baby’s skincare safe enough?

When a new baby is welcomed into the world, we only want what is best for them. Unfortunately, the decision makers running major personal care brands don’t often have the same drivers. When it comes to infant skincare the stakes are far higher than many realise. Blindly trusting the clever marketing spin on many baby care products can have long term implications for your child. 

Our mission at Skin Botanist is to empower you to make better choices and opt for safer alternatives when it comes to your skincare. Understanding what’s inside these jars of product is a vital step in safeguarding the wellbeing of our children.

The Early Start: Babies and Chemical Exposure

Did you know that a baby's skin is more than just incredibly soft? It's also uniquely vulnerable. Babies' skin is thinner and more permeable than adult skin, meaning substances can more easily penetrate when applied. Now, imagine this delicate barrier being exposed to an array of chemicals daily through personal care products. It's like hosting a party and unknowingly inviting guests who might not have the best intentions.

"There are more than 80,000 commercially available chemicals on the market today. The great majority have never been tested for safety and new chemicals are continually being put on the market without safety tests."

Environmental Working Group: Childhood Cancer: More Evidence Points to Chemical Exposure

Understanding the Label: What's Really in Baby Care Products?

While we all want to trust that products designed for babies are safe and gentle, the reality can be quite startling. Many personal care items, including shampoos, lotions, and wipes, contain chemicals that sound more at home in a science lab than on a baby's skin. Parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, oxybenzone - the list is endless. These aren't characters from a children's book; they're real substances that have been linked to hormonal disruptions and allergic reactions. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Early Impact: Why It Matters More Than You Think

The concern isn't just about immediate reactions, such as rashes or sensitivities. The real worry lies in the long term effects of early chemical exposure. Studies have suggested that certain chemicals in personal care products can contribute to developmental and health issues later in life. Imagine if something as routine as bath time could influence your child's health years down the road. It's a sobering thought, but it's also a call to action.

The Natural Solution: Embracing the Pure and Simple

Here's where the story takes a positive turn. Switching to natural skincare for your baby isn't just a precaution; it's a significant step to safeguarding their long term health. Natural skincare products are formulated with ingredients that are as close to their original state as possible. Think about it – if you wouldn't put it in your mouth, why put it on the skin, which is just another way substances enter the body?

The Benefits: Beyond Just Skin Deep

The benefits of natural skincare extend beyond avoiding harmful chemicals. These products often come with nourishing ingredients that support the skin's health in the most gentle and effective way possible. Ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil (key ingredients in our Nourish Balm) are not only safe but are known for their soothing and healing properties. Plus, choosing natural products isn't just good for your baby; it's a vote for a healthier planet. Biodegradable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging are common features, making your skincare choice one with a larger impact.

Making the Switch: It's Easier Than You Think

Starting this natural journey might seem daunting at first, but it's surprisingly simple. Start with one product at a time – perhaps the baby lotion or shampoo. Read labels and look for products with short, understandable ingredient lists. Remember, if you need a chemistry degree to decipher what's inside, it might be best left on the shelf. And don't forget, this switch is not just for babies. Your skin deserves the same care and attention.

The Community: You're Not Alone

As you start this journey, remember, you're part of a growing community of parents and caregivers who are choosing to make informed decisions about their family's health and well-being. There's a wealth of resources, forums, and social media groups where experiences and recommendations are shared. So, if you ever feel overwhelmed, reach out. The collective wisdom of this community can be your guide and support.

So, take a moment to look at your baby's skincare routine. Could it be time for a natural makeover? Remember, every small change adds up to a big difference. It's never too late to start making informed choices.

If you'd like to explore this topic further, we recommend making some time to view the video below. 

Laura Vandenberg on early-life exposure to chemicals & chemical mixtures| Plastic Health Summit 2019

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